The TameFlow Chronologist

Genesis and Evolution of the TameFlow Approach


This web site describes the genesis and evolution of the TameFlow management method. It is for executives, entrepreneurs, managers, professionals, and anybody whose personal livelihood or business success depends on having a functional and performing business organization.

The TameFlow Chronologist focuses on exploring how different methodologies and processes affect the bottom line of businesses; and especially how executive management can lead organizations to outstanding business success. The topic is developed as described in the Themes page.

The TameFlow management method matured in the field of software engineering management. Many articles will be about that field, though the intent is always that of providing general guidelines that are applicable to any kind of business, and specially those businesses that deal with immaterial processes, intellectual property, knowledge creation and so on — which nowadays means practically any business.

In particular, The TameFlow Chronologist will research and develop the topics of organizational hyper-productivity and process innovation.

  • Organizational Hyper-Productivity: is the state where an organization will perform 10, 20 or even 50 times more than any of its competitors. There are cases from history where this has happened. For instance, Borland International competed against Microsoft in the early ‘90s, and had a team of 8 programmers that performed at the same level as 400 programmers at Microsoft. Toyota started late in the automotive industry, and caught up and surpassed the giants of the Ford Motor Company and General Motors fundamentally by using hyper-productive approaches. The Great Siege of Malta in 1565 documents how 700 soldiers fought off an invading army of 40.000. In many of these cases, we have performance rations of 50 times!

  • Process Innovation: is the means by which an organization can achieve organizational productivity. Product and/or service innovation are certainly important. However the majority of businesses are “stuck” with ordinary products and services, and face a lot of competition. These are the companies that can benefit the most from process innovation rather than product/service innovation. The Process of Ongoing Improvement allows an organization to continually adapt to the market conditions it is operating in, making it better fit for purpose.

The TameFlow Chronologist will explore the subject matter of how businesses can achieve a state of hyper-productivity through continuous process innovation.

The TameFlow Chronologist was founded in September 2011 by Steve Tendon, originally under the name of The Chronicles of a Methodology Alchemist. In June 2013, the major ideas of the TameFlow mangaement method were published in the book Tame the Flow: Hyper-Productive Knowledge-Work Management. Subsequently this site was renamed to The TameFlow Chronologist. You can find out more about Steve on, Linked In and Google Plus.

You can get in touch with Steve through the Contact page.